• Academia del Despiece
Every night from Wednesday to Saturday, “Despiece Academy” sits a maximun of twelve academics per table, they will be able to register through our web page. Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday are reserved for groups who want the table in an exclusive way, and also for enterprises’ events.

After a warm welcome, we treat them “Ponzano style” with a Heineken beer at the Graduation Hall. All the academics go then to the other classroom “The Academy” where our twelve dishes gourmet sampling Course/Dinner takes place, coming to an end with the Graduation.

Allergies and food intolerance:
Since it is a fixed menu, we apologize for not being able to change the menu except for exceptional cases as some types of allergy. For those customers who suffer from allergies, food intolerance or follow strict diets, Sala de Despiece, our à la carte bar, has a wide variety of products which adapt to the necessities of the great majority of commensals. Sorry about the inconveniences.


Pay attention to the table surface
Watch attentively the demonstrative videos
Please, be quiet at the corridor
Don’t use your mobile phone during the course
Please, focus on enjoying your experience


During this course you will
handle cutting utensils and heat
tools which can damage and/or burn
your skin. Be very careful when
using them.

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