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What is “Academia de Despiece”?
It is a teaching centre, a gastronomic gathering place with the possibility of tasting the food, and where the main goal goes beyond the cooking experience, it is a table where anything can take place. In conclusion, a classroom in which all the academics share the creative processes of our cuisine. Overall, it is a place in which they discover by themselves the job “Sala de Despiece” carries out.
How does it work?
From a table-desk for twelve academics/diners which turns into “Academia de Despiece”s heart. Like an interactive blackboard, all the necessary information is offered so that each course/dinner becomes the learning main tool. An academy without teachers where the material draws the line to follow, and the digital system guides the learners during the sampling. This allows the experience to be didactic, interactive and last but no least, funny. Each academic will have a set of tools to work during the learning process.

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