• Sala de Despiece

General Information
Our bar counter pays tribute to the traditional tapa way of serving food in Chamberí neighborhood. It is an extension of our open kitchen, where the menu’s ingredients are barely transformed to keep up with the spirit of this philosophy. “Products first and last” is the key principle of the restaurant’s co–owner and creator of the concept, Javier Bonet, who is obsessed with product quality, the creation of the ideal atmosphere to serve it, and the human value of team work.

The Team
Team members wear uniforms made of butcher’s aprons and bow ties to honor the products they work with. Equipped with iPads, they place orders starting with a name, and they help and serve customers, thoroughly explaining all the steps they need to know in order to interact and prepare our dishes.

What is our space like?
Raw materials are key to Sala de Despiece, a space where the interior design seeks to enhance the essence of these products and transform them into leading actors. It’s a white spotless space, inspired by the cutting areas from butcher´s shops or fish markets. Such spotless spirit is maintained by the team’s white aprons, and a space barely touched by decorative details paying tribute to the butcher’s profession.

The counter
A white ten–meter polyethylene counter serves several purposes at the same time. It’s a cutting table, display counter for the products and working table for the team as well as the focal point of the Tasting Room.

Porexpan boxes, normally used to carry fresh food produce, cover walls and ceilings as a reminder that products are placed above us. Again, they reveal Sala de Despiece’s leitmotiv: Products are the number one priority.

The back lighted shop window displays a collection of knives and other meat and fish cutting tools and work boots as another tribute to our philosophy.

Butcher´s table
We have a separate room with a shared table called Mesa de Despiece “Butcher´s Table”, which evokes a cutting space, and it is located behind our product window display: our cold storage.

How we handle our spaces
At the counter of Sala de Despiece, we serve customers on a first-come-first-served basis. However, if you wish to make a reservation, you are welcome to do so at our shared table for twelve, called Mesa de Despiece “Butcher´s Table”.

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