• Sala de Despiece

General Information
Its bar top intends to pay tribute to the traditional “tapeo” or going round the bars in Chamberi neighbourhood. It is an extension of an open kitchen, in which the menu ingredients barely change to mantain this philosophy. Product, product and more product, that is the core idea of Javier Bonet, owner and creator of this concept. Javier is always obsessed with three things: quality, an ideal atmosphere to serve the food, and the human value of his team.

The Team
Fully uniformed with white gowns and ties, honouring the product they are working with, and using iPads to register what the client is going to order. They also assist and explain the customer everything related to the development and interaction with our gastronomy.

What is the space like?
The raw material is basic in “Sala de Despiece”, a place where the interior tries to highlight the essence of the product, and turn it into the main protagonist. It is a white spotless place, inspired on the areas where they cut meat and fish at the butchers and fishmongers. This space is hardly altered with details, what makes the team guide the butcher´s and fishmonger´s job.

The ten metres white polyethylene bar top plays different roles at the same time: carvering-up table, presentation and exhibition of products, working place for the team, and epicentre of the tasting hall.

The plastic foam boxes, used to transport the raw material, cover wooden walls and ceiling, what reminds us that the product is always what matters. These boxes reveal again the priority of it as the “leif motif” in Sala de Despiece.

The rear lit display cabinet contains a collection of knives and different utensils to cut meat and fish, as well as working boots.

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